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Should I clip coupons?

| Link

Archived Under: Money Management , The Moneysherpa Says

The Moneysherpa Knee Jerk says: "Heck no, it takes too much darn time."
Second Thought says: "Probably, if you have extra time."
The Moneysherpa says: "Use your free time wisely."
Way To Decide if Coupon Clipping Is A Waste Of Time  Moneysmartz Coupon Guide

How long before I can double my money in the stock market?

| Link

Archived Under: Investing , The Moneysherpa Says

The Moneysherpa Knee Jerk says: "A really, really long time."
Second Thought says: "Longer than 20 years ago."
The Moneysherpa says: "Learn the rule of 72."
Rule of 72  CAPM: The First Factor of Investing

Where are home prices headed in 2012?

| Link

Archived Under: Real Estate , The Moneysherpa Says

The Moneysherpa Knee Jerk says: "Up, baby, up!"
Second Thought says: "Until recently home prices always went up."
The Moneysherpa says: "Indeed, until recently."
Home Prices: Your Local Forecast  Robert Shiller on The Housing Bottom

How am I doing financially?

| Link

Archived Under: Financial Planning , The Moneysherpa Says

The Moneysherpa Knee Jerk says: "Horribly."
Second Thought says: "The answer depends on your wants."
The Moneysherpa says: "Want less."
Tiny Buddha on Wanting Less  Ok, if you have to know

Am I a stupid investor?

| Link

Archived Under: Investing , The Moneysherpa Says

The Moneysherpa Knee Jerk says: "Yes."
Second Thought says: "Yes, but most of us need help."
The Moneysherpa says: "Acknowledge your stupidity and get help."
Tips for Finding Help

Can I afford to send my son to an Ivy League school?

| Link

Archived Under: College Financing , The Moneysherpa Says

The Moneysherpa Knee Jerk says: "Is it really worth the money?"
Second Thought says: "Don't worry, he'll never get accepted."
The Moneysherpa says: "Invest in a 529 plan and remember financial aid."
Best 529 Plans More on Financial Aid

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