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Epinions and Better Financial Services

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The Moneysherpa Pages:  Epinions and Better Financial ServicesThe worst time to realize a provider of financial services does not care is when you need their help the most. If you have ever been treated like a number by a testy customer service agent or been caught in the endless loop of a convoluted interactive voice response system, then you know how important it is to choose wisely when looking for financial services like credit cards, banks, and brokers.

Epinions, started in 1999 and now owned by eBay, offers user generated reviews about a wide range of products and services to help you avoid poor customer service and get the facts before, not after, you buy.

The following tips should help you get the insight you need from Epinions:
  • Visit the Personal Finance find and compare home page.
  • Choose the category the fits your need, for example, banks.
  • Enter the name of your prospective bank in the search box at the top of the page, for example, Wells Fargo.
  • Sort by date to read the most recent reviews first.
  • Be wary of firms with a few reviews as the sample may be too small to provide reliable guidance.
  • If you find bad reviews, then be sure to balance them with the positive attributes of the reviewed company that are most important to you. However, remember that this is the best time to find another provider of services, before you make a long term commitment
A little research using Epinions today will help you avoid big headaches in the future.

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