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Expensr:  Where did all the money go?Tracking income and expenses is a cornerstone of effective financial management. Unfortunately, as evidenced by a woefully low savings rate, many Americans are struggling to make sense of their spending. If you are not willing to invest the time and money to buy a more comprehensive financial management tool like Quicken, then Expensr offers a quick, free, and easy toe in the water to track your daily spending. Throw in a few social networking tools and Expensr has the makings of a painless point of entry into the often mundane and tedious world of personal penny pinching.


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LifehackerIf you like being productive and saving time, then Lifehacker should keep you busy saving time. This popular site offers an array of software downloads and productivity tools covering many topics, including personal finance. It's not that difficult to find what you are looking for in Lifehacker, but to save you time, here are links to a few popular finance related topics: personal finance, money, saving money, tax time, taxes, and quicken.

Individual Tax Software

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With so many options for preparing and paying individual income taxes, it's not surprising that many of us will wait until the last second to file our individual income tax returns.

In addition to industry leaders like Turbo Tax and Tax Cut from H&R Block, there are plenty of fee services like Tax Brain and free services like eSmart Tax.

For a list of individual tax software products and services, visit the recently updated Moneysmartz individual tax software directory.

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